ACPE offers COVID-19 Economic Hardship Forbearance

In response to the COVID-19 emergency, ACPE is making a COVID-19 related economic hardship forbearance available to our customers with Alaska state education loans. This forbearance postpones payments for three months and may be extended if needed.

Please contact us to request a forbearance on your Alaska state education loan at acpe@alaska.gov or 800-441-2962 option #1.


ACT and SAT Testing Requirement Updates

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ACT, SAT and WorkKeys requirement waived for Class of 2020

For the graduating class of 2020, the State of Alaska is waiving the ACT, SAT and WorkKeys requirement for Alaska Performance Scholarship (APS) eligibility this year, and GPA will be the determinant of the award level. The requirement is waived due to the ACT, SAT and WorkKeys test cancellations. Details of this waiver and any other changes to APS policies are available at aps.alaska.gov

APS Continuing Eligibility Changes
ACPE is pleased to announce Governor Dunleavey has approved a suspension of regulations related to the Alaska Performance Scholarship (APS) continuing eligibility (CE) credit hour requirements for the Spring 2020 term. This suspension applies to students who attended between March 11th and July 16th.

Students who did not meet the standard CE credit hour requirements have been updated to meeting CE requirements. You can check your eligibility status on your Alaska Student Aid Portal (ASAP) account. Please review the Q&A’s to answer some common questions. Download Continuing Eligibility APS FAQs here.

If you have additional questions, please submit a Help request via your ASAP account or email us at ACPE@alaska.gov.

Do you have federal loans with ACPE?

On April 1, 2020, the Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education (ACPE) will transfer the servicing of all ACPE's Federal Education Loan(s) to American Education Services (AES). For more information, please review these frequently asked questions acpe.alaska.gov/fedLoanFAQ.