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Funding for APS, AEG, and the WWAMI program for the 2021-22 academic year

At this time, funding to support the Alaska Performance Scholarship (APS), Alaska Education Grant (AEG), and WWAMI is still unresolved. This funding issue will be addressed during the next Legislative Special Session slated to begin on August 2, 2021.  Although award funding is not yet finalized, ACPE is optimistic this funding issue will be resolved. Students are encouraged to submit the FAFSA (studentaid.gov) apply for scholarships, and work with campus advisors in preparation for the Fall 2021 semester. If you plan on attending one of the University of Alaska campuses, Interim President Pitney has stated the “University will honor the APS and AEG awards to new and continuing students for this fall”. ACPE will continue to provide updates as additional information becomes available. Sign-up here to directly receive notifications, or check back on our website at acpesecure.alaska.gov/Announcements to view the most recent information.

Class of 2021 Test Score Requirement Waived for APS Eligibility

ACPE offers resources to support borrowers experiencing hardship related to COVID-19

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Alaska Education Loans – Apply Now!

A low-cost option for students, or students' families, to cover education costs for college or career training.

AKCIS Portal

The Alaska Career Information System: Discover where you want to go in life and how to get there.

Frequently Accessed Services

 Students Loans

5.03% - 7.93% APR
(5.25% – 8.50% fixed rate) 

A low-cost loan option for Alaskan students to use for postsecondary education in-state, out-of-state, or for career training programs.

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 Financial Literacy

How to pay for postsecondary education is an extremely important topic to navigate. ACPE's Financial Literacy site offers videos and downloadable materials for students, parents, teachers, and others to review and

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 Family Loans

5.75% - 6.00% APR
(5.75% - 6.00% fixed rate) 

An option for families to help their student cover postsecondary education costs.

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 Scholarships & Grants

Discover more about Alaska's merit-based aid program, the Alaska Performance Scholarship (APS) and our need-based program, the Alaska Education Grant (AEG).

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 Refinance Loans

3.55% - 5.00% APR

A student loan debt solution available exclusively to Alaska residents.

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 The Success Center

One-on-one coaching and group workshops are available with a college and career specialist. Complete the FAFSA, explore career options, research career training facilities, search for scholarships, and more.

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  • Economic Benefit

    "Every dollar awarded in an ASLC loan or in a grant or scholarship … to a student at the University of Alaska generates an economic benefit of $3.25."

    – Public Works LLC, Alaska Division of Legislative Audit Performance Review, 2016
  • Alaskans Serving Alaskans

    "As an Alaskan, I feel better getting a loan specifically from the state. It feels more local and I won’t be bogged down by giant corporations with hundreds of thousands of other members clamoring for attention."

    – ACPE Borrower Survey. 2016. Prepared by McDowell Group, LLC.
  • Best and Brightest

    "The average UAA student has over $13,000 of gross financial need. Without the Alaska Performance Scholarship and Alaska Education Grant many of our best and brightest Alaskan students would struggle to afford their degree."

    – Sonya Stein, Director, UAA Student Financial Assistance
  • Jobs for Alaskans

    "Whenever possible I would support Alaskan-based programs, especially when it entails jobs for Alaskans."

    – ACPE Borrower Survey. 2016. Prepared by McDowell Group, LLC.